Poems by Walter Heineman    
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when you do not want your own feelings
when you have found what you want
which side of the road
a child eating
what more can be done
explain that
one of my candles is in trouble
seventy years
the fallen
unsettled days
a world without redemption
how do you teach what you are hearing
mysterium coniunctionis
one of them
spiritual naturalists
the anarchists
the night before gathering
things can bloom
badly born
five miles to eden
i brought flowers to the funeral
what abouts
elemental truths
the end of the whorl
the pawnshop
there are moments
dropping the compass
duality begins its journey
even if i agreed
flowers on ancestral graves
how do you recognize a neurosis
if it is ego
in what means anything
on the side of the industrial road
what else could i say
when i turned the light on
regulated traffic
unapologetic history
when you are expecting
you can always recognize yourself in the mirror
it is not without confusion
mental illness pushing a cart
transcendental autobiographies
allocation and crisis
changing the world
every time i corner the goddess
experience does not have to be clever
fair enough
further away
the basis for prayer
the final judgement
the futility of complaints
the open fire
the sea of femininity
then you smile
why revile success
exigent circumstances
the near miracle of the forbiddens
what reality is
everything that comes next
the devil will always offer you a choice
the night shift
what is the real complaint
am i getting old
daybreak the middle east
death is death
just when i can reconcile
no clarity
reading a book of haiku
that here
the candlelight
the empirical waltzes with the coquette
the moon is playing around tonight
what contains the perfect
what is heavier
you should not love gently
how do you judge a society
nothing is more dangerous
sometimes i talk out loud
the apologist
the other path not zen when it is
the scientist and the moon
the transcendent campaign
the value of polytheism
theory in action
two answers
another one of those promises
coming and going
every time
not nothingness
personal or business
the protection program

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