Poems by Walter Heineman    
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the magic tricks
the towel
theological understanding of miracles
history is
i no longer run
reliving reincarnation
the broken back of thought lost on the wheel
the fear of death
the untrained soul
we seem to need
questions about my salvation
to hear it
what is the difference
a true sensualist
before death
my personal protectress
to follow his breath
where storms break
rogue spiritualists
the in between
the real creation story
no flapping
there are difficulties in love
the breath of myth
helium balloons
if you can forget
inner city nursing home
justifying romanticism to a pessimist
new age eternity investment
not afraid of death
only one answer
the faraway thing
after i called him a narcissist
argument with the dutch
august harvest
fork in the road
without shyness
cosmological denialism
the way i once did
of course
timing is fortune
breathing coach
but most of all
lifeline in the wrinkles
after falling asleep the universe begins
each night
eternity in the tourist trade
my goodness dear heart
reach to the heavens
shortens the autopsy
some relationships are not destined to last
until i asked
we are the outside edge
top of the wheel
a chance meeting
the final judgement interrogation
the trinity
good manners
folded easel in a brothel
bad boys playing in bad boy haiku

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