Poems by Walter Heineman    
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eros wanders in the fragrances
every old village
everyone is involved
everyone seems to know
everyone who tells you
everything else
faith in themselves
fate and maternity
fate is not an artist
finally a success
finally understanding prayer
finishing the sentence
first morning coffee then cleverness
first the lion of nemea
fish camp
fish market mexico
forever young
frantic gesture
from somewhere else
gathering at the grave
good fortune
grave goods
great sorrow
grim determination
hamlet in the hen house
having dinner
heated molecules and reason
high priority protocols
historical lesson
historical perspective
how do they keep missing it
how does the soul arrive
how to know
human archives
hunting regulations and licenses
hurling clouds
i contemplate the sacred again
i do not agree
i do not know why
i have learned enough
i like the dangerous living near the beach
i see them
i wake up today
if death misses you
if the heart is not
if the train is on time
ignorance of being
imagine that
in one place
in the beginning
in the details
in the field
intimate disagreements
into our hearts
it is clear to me
it is not a one way street
it is one of those things
it makes me want to join them
it occurs to me
it seems to depend
its place
just as well
just how it is in the garden
knowing loss
landscape painter
less sleep
lesson from greek tragedy
let them go
like night with eyes
living in an echo
living with a philosophy of two rules
long into the night
longing for plutarch to consider trump
longing to return home
looking around the corner
looking at each other
looking at the ghosts on the road
love also has
love sonnets
maintaining organization
manning the ship
moody angels
my wife
nature and the commitment to the rule of law

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