Poems by Walter Heineman    
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nature has to handle these things
netting on the beach
never hearing
never settled
no intrusion
no longer the judgement of paris
no moon
no odds
no one wants to explain it
no recantation
no small measure
no understanding
not a cruise
not a difficult riddle
not everyone is in free
not everything requires a herald
not knowing
not the other
of course we do
on the other side of the drums
on the porch
on to something
one hair
one hand clapping
one way or the other
or anything else
other things can have picnics as well
outside of the garden
outside the window
passion dining out
perhaps it is another wrong turn
perimeter of the house
personal favors
phenomena and existence
philemon and baucis
pictures on the wall
playing cards
playing in the coastal storm
politeness and the fraction
political morality
popular opinions
principles of nonverbal communication
proper confirmations
psychological maturity
pulling the sheets
putting the gods on notice
quite adamant about this
reconsidering the egg and its symbolic importance
reflections avoid recognition
religious property values
reluctance to finish the sentence
resolute navigational skills
retelling the story
right then and there
river quandary
sending invitations
settling things
sitting in the backyard
so much in this one
society and beauty
soft reincarnation
some nights
someone and dreams
something delicate
somethings cannot be graded on a curve
sometimes god speaks to me
sometimes i think
sometimes it is just bad luck
sonata of the parasites
spirit house in the moon
spurning science
standing beside the road
standing in the garden
strange passengers
starting for one place
starting with unity
strange smiles
summing up maturity
the absence of confusion
the accumulation
the aftermath
the allowed
the although kills me
the amusement

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