Poems by Walter Heineman    
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the answer
the argument
the autumn moon
the awkward arrangement
the bad news
the basis of never
the bed
the believers
the big question
the blasphemer
the bowl
the bridge
the broken boxer
the broken navigator
the calendar
the circle
the clarity of visions
the closed fist
the closet door
the cloth
the comedy hour
the common politician
the companion
the compensation
the conceit of latin
the concern that is more concerning
the confirmation
the conspirator
the contention
the creation story
the crossing
the crowd
the customer
the day before
the debt and the debtor
the devil on his island
the dialogue
the difference
the disagreement
the discussion you cannot have with the is not
the dogma
the duck pond
the dust that catches fire
the educated guess
the elderly and their war commentaries
the empirical center
the end of political discourse
the equation
the equivocation
the eternal
the everlasting
the evolution of validation
the evolutionist
the fairytale
the fence line
the first thing changed
the fragrance that cannot be ignored
the funeral march
the future
the garden
the gift
the gods keep secrets
the guest
the habitat
the hallway
the hands of youth
the hard reformation
the heart cannot settle
the idler
the immense task
the indifference
the inscription
the investigation
the invitation to work but not live in the house
the issue and plausibility
the issues of disposal and hygiene
the kitchen
the lack of an appropriate foundation
the lamentation of noah and others
the language changes
the laughter
the lecture hall
the march
the market
the meal
the message
the middle of the dance floor
the names
the navigator
the negotiation
the neighborhood listened
the nest
the new moon
the only way
the orchard
the orchestra and its music
the order
the other museum
the other parable
the other side of the devotional

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