Poems by Walter Heineman    
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the other side of the religious canvas
the other side
the outcome
the park sparrows scatter
the peculiarity
the perpetual nature of dilemmas
the pillars of the symposium
the plan
the playgrounds of the vain
the playing field
the plot
the possibility
the preparation
the principles
the prison
the process
the proposal
the purist
the qualities of leadership
the question of evil
the reading
the real odyssey
the rebuilt hotel always changes its name
the reentry
the reference point
the reluctance to leave the house
the renunciation
the reputation
the requirement
the right room
the ruling classes
the rural hamlet
the rutting season
the scales of justice shedding
the science of jugglers
the science of no imagination
the sea of morality
the sense of presence
the serving of flesh
the settlement
the sighting
the small walk
the solution
the song
the sound of a dead branch
the soundless boat
the source
the spiritual implication is not lost on me
the spiritual journey
the spiritually definitive
the sporting life
the standards
the strange business
the structure
the struggle
the struggles of pantheists
the subtle disagreement
the successful solutions of believers
the tourist guide
the trade
the travel guide
the trick
the unexpected
the universe dining out
the unspoken and hope
the view
the walk
the watch
the way
the whole village
the window from the alley
the winter cloud
the women and poetics
the words
the wound
the wrestler
the wrong lesson
the wrong ones
the zen slumber party
their accumulated histories
their own band
then again
there is an etiquette attached to everything
there is no direction
there is nothing quiet about reading
there seemed to be no reason
there was no better ending
these days
things that cannot be mitigated
things want to be themselves
thinking it through
this is how it is
those that are involved
to close the door
to say what a thing is
too fond of their desires
training your feet
transcendental morning
truth as a metaphor

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