Poems by Walter Heineman    
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trying to determine which one is the fool
trying to understand the disagreement
two deaths
two possibilities
understanding history
unification theory
unless you are the one
unreconciled humanity
using the open shed
waiting for the divine
watching the morning
we do not
we need a word for it
weighing shadows
well i cannot stop now
what good is a good philosophy
what has been exposed
what things mean
when evil reaches a dead end
when it is opened
when physics meets the flesh
when someone tells you
when the curtain rises
where it wakes up
where night is quarried
where we are standing
whether there is a soul or not
wild stars
winter kite
winter walk in the instincts
without a map
wondering why
working to an end
worldly advice
zen and relationships
absolutely no one
believe in what improves the odds
chasing them down
climbing down from the tree
degree of hope
he is more vulgar
i am never quite sure
i like the stories
i sit among the elderly falling asleep
missing the point
more godly
repentance when the drink is sweet
rule of law
seated at the table
states of worship
the commitment
the common prayer
the first thing you notice
the gift of healing
the path
the restoration
the spirit that seeks
the strategist and the tactician
the well
thinking about things
those that believe
tradition is a theory
unattached feet
whatever it is that wake us up
when to ask the question
a bad neighbor
a merciful breeze
adherents and class distinctions
arrivals and departures
as they drink
before it disappears
closed behind her
closer analysis
consumer awareness
creative acts
existence and nonexistence
falling in love
how do you look
i just rake the autumn leaves
metaphysical terrorism
no problem with mercy
passionate truths
prayers at bedtime
settling your affairs
size matters
specific awareness
summation of political views
the address
the house of the sacred and plumbing
the invitations
the line of succession
the little sayings
the missing text
the moment before i fall

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