Poems by Walter Heineman    
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does it think
life eats itself in others
life is a present
moving in place
no does not exist
of course there is
solar god looking at the lunar landscape
the choice
the feast
the greatest fear of the tyrant
the next time around
the presence
the reply
there are certain rules
there is no civilization for lovers in bed
there is only one way to silence tyrants
types of hatred
what is the weight
when someone starts
when zen meets flesh
who can look away
mother earth
somethings about somethings
there are only two stories
the door that did not exist moments before
a deep breath
a famous bridge
a friend
a greater salvation
a more honest discussion
a woman with a purse
about judgement
dressed for dinner
education in the field
family ties
i am not altogether sure
i want the rest
i watch them go
individuation and jung
job description
low wages and spiritual truth
none of the religions
one plan two views
out of place
repeat offenders
the consumables
the draw
the first principle
the good samaritan
the only way to approach creation
the uncelebrated life
the wind up clock
there are somethings no one gets away with
to know reality
what words can help
who is in charge of the world of knowledge
yeats and the concept of moving on
you better hurry while the offer is still good
what is truth
reconciliation of self
everyone wants to believe in miracles
judgement day
the descent
the more sensitive and complex conspiracy thinkers
the helpers
i am not sure
they all begin to crawl
art at work in the transformation period
at some point there is no point
before the court
bipolar disorder
do not wait
natural selection and property rights
natural selection
of women
opposites remain opposite
performance review
refuting disengagement
romantics looking in their accessory closets
settling the question
spiritual submission
the achievement
the bureaucrat
the digital age remembers us
the explanation
the frozen embryos
the nature lover
the only landscape in art
the only trophy
the short meditation
the what ifs
the wrong path
this is the place
two ways
under difficult conditions
what is a sacrificial pit

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